DJ Momm-E

I’m a full time, work at home mom, a former nanny, and a sometimes crafter. I live for good music, great food, and my family, and I’m just trying to keep our lives on beat!

Funk Master Father

He’s a tough looking guy with a teddy bear heart. Cross his woman or children and feel his wrath. But don’t let him fool you, he’s less of a Public Enemy than he appears.



He’s an 11 year old with more cool than even he can stand sometimes. He likes sports, and music – not necessarily in that order – and can generally be found beating on anything with a pair of drumsticks.


With a love for the latest Wiz remake and all things food, she’s Gemini to the bone and is quick to let you know when she isn’t happy, and when she is.


Queen of the raspberries and nosier than your great aunt at Thanksgiving, this one is a mix of trap music and reggae soul…#wildcard